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California requires most vehicles to undergo a smog check every two years.

If you’ve received your renewal notice in the mail, visit Fellows. 

Smog Check at Fellows

During a smog check, our team will test your vehicle’s exhaust system to ensure it isn't emitting too many pollutants or too much smog into the environment. Equipped with special tools designed for emissions testing, we will measure the amount of emissions your vehicle produces and compare this amount to California’s standards.

Smog checks are required for many CA vehicles, including:

Most vehicles manufactured after 1997.
Diesel vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) less than 14,000 lbs.
Natural gas powered vehicles less than 14,000 lbs

If your vehicle needs a smog check, put our team to work. We’ll carefully check your car’s emissions and help you determine whether repairs are necessary. In the event your exhaust system needs work, we are certified to perform the repairs.